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Before we embark on exploring the benefits of adopting point to point wireless in your business, we need to first tackle the issue of what point to point network connection is all about. In simple terms, point to point wireless (also known as fixed wireless communication) refers to a network framework where two locations are linked by use of wireless radio waves. It is a superior alternative to the conventional and costly method of leasing fiber lines. The following are some of the benefits that you could enjoy if you decided to install a point to point network in your business:

1. Network Cost Reduction

Do you want to cut the huge costs of digging to lay underground fiber cables while achieving excellent network connectivity for your business? Then point to point wireless is your ideal option; not only do you cut these costs, but you also save time as there is no need to dig and install cables. The good thing is that this type of network connection is applicable for any kind of business. Furthermore, point to point networks send signals through the air, and thus there is no need to pay substantial fees for line rentals. The only costs therefore relate to support and maintenance alone. With a point to point network, you have a chance to reduce your capital and operational expenditure while rapidly gaining return on your investment.

2. Connection Anywhere

Fixed wireless communication is not affected by geographical location. It works perfectly even in remote areas where other forms of network connection are a challenge to install or use.

3. High Reliability

Unlike shared networks, point to point networks are designed to provide you with a certain amount of bandwidth; this is usually based on your needs in terms of data transfer rate. Furthermore, this type of network connection is made in such a way that its radio frequencies are not affected by weather conditions.

4. Increased Privacy

This type of connectivity is a two-way line where only the connected users receive data. It is just like a telephone call, where only the involved parties can communicate; no third party involved. This is in contrast to the shared networks, where many people can receive information sent from one source. Therefore, with fixed wireless communication the threat of data theft or infection by computer viruses is greatly reduced.

5. High Speed Connection

The installation of fixed wireless communication devices in your business takes just a few weeks, as opposed to laying of fiber lines, which may take place over many months. Then again, if you need to increase your bandwidth, you can do so at any time through the same devices you installed; there is no need to install new devices – it’s more like upgrading software on your computer.

6. Easy Configuration

You can configure fixed wireless communication systems to suit the needs of your of business. If your business has a small number of users, you can configure your system to a peer to peer network. On the other hand, you can configure your system to a complete infrastructure network in case your business has a huge number of users.

7. Excellent Performance

A point to point network is capable of delivering data in speeds of up to 2GB per second over distances of up to 30 miles. Then again, even with low bandwidth, the quality of data transmission is not compromised. In case you have several offices located within 30 miles from each other, point to point wireless would be an excellent choice.

A point to point wireless network is for you if you want to meet the growing demand for excellent performance in business especially due to competition. With regards to this, point to point network connection is very helpful in terms of reduced costs, faster data transmission, and high efficiency. Moreover, this type of network connection is applicable for any kind of business sector ranging from education to manufacturing to entertainment; it is suitable even for governmental operations. All you have to do is select the point to point wireless product that suits your needs.

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