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Are you wondering if you should have a wireless home security system?

Most of us think that a security system is essential for commercial buildings and it’s not worth it to invest in for personal use. With the alarming increase in crime, robberies and theft, home security has now become a necessity. Previous means of security, like window grills and locks are no longer a safe way to protect you from the robbers as they have learned to snoop around these techniques. 

Quite often, home security is at the bottom of the priority list, but investing in home security with advanced wireless technology can actually save money and help avoid risk of theft. Wireless security system provide a wide range of products, including surveillance with cameras, alarms, monitor of smoke and carbon monoxide and also even reduce power consumption.

Let’s look at few reasons why one should invest in wireless home security:

1. Discount your Home Insurance Cost

You can get a discount on your home insurance policy with an actively monitored home security system. Some companies can provide a discount of up to 20% on home insurance premium and with the compounded long term saving, it may even make up the cost of buying a wireless home security system.

2. Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that is harmful to humans as well as animals. This colorless and odorless gas can interfere with oxygen intake and may cause poisoning. A wireless system can monitor and notify when carbon monoxide levels increase in the air.

3. Fire Prevention

Not only thieves and burglars can damage your home security but fire or smoke can also be a detriment to your home security. Wireless security systems come with an alarm which can alert you even if you are not around the house. One can take immediate measure to save the life of family members and people around when a smoke or fire alert is raised by the security system.

4. Alarm to contact authorities

Camera systems can only help with monitoring but when it comes to notifying the law enforcement agencies, a wireless security system can do this really well. Instances of fire can be directly reported to the local fire department to investigate. In an emergency like a fire or break-in where immediate action must be taken, there is less damage to your property.

5. Energy Efficiency and Mobile Monitoring

Power saving is no longer for greeneries. Advanced wireless security system connects with your home WiFi network so you can monitor and control your security devices with the help of your smart phone and an app. Built-in energy saving programs can help homeowners choose their heating or cooling preferences. It also enables users to get information like the temperature of your house, number of doors and windows open, etc. Some security systems also come with enabled features where you can lock down the lighting and security system even if you are on a vacation.

6. Enhance the Resale Value of Your House

Family safety and security is one of the top priorities for a buyer and having a wireless home security system could be a strong selling point for you to talk about. It adds value to your property and it will help while selling the property.

7. Sensor Enabled Doors and Windows

When the doors and windows are sensor enabled, it keeps you alert. You would know if any one is attempting to invade your house. Some alarm systems have this feature as standard functionality, so regardless of whether your system is armed, it will raise an alert.

8. Proof of Theft

With the increase in crime rate, let’s suppose there is a break-in to your property. The only way to get justice is to gather sufficient evidence to present in front of the court against the burglar. You can show video footage to claim lost assets and to get your property back. Some wireless security systems also have an anti-theft guarantee, which may entitle you to get financial assistance from the company to recover part of what was lost or stolen.

It is clearly understood that home security is one of the key concerns for anyone living in any region of the world and the benefits of wireless home security is unlimited. Once you have identified the appropriate wireless security system, you can be rest assured and you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is secure whether you are home or away.

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