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Every emerging and existing organization needs effective communication methods to ensure efficiency in their key areas. Therefore, they should implement the best, most modern communication channels. Point to point Internet service is the perfect choice for such organizations.

What is point to point Internet service in the first place? It is simply a networking approach that involves establishing a wireless connection between two nodes. It works on the principle of line of sight so that the communicating devices connect directly without obstructions.

Let’s take a look at eight reasons why point to point wireless communication is the right choice for your organization:

1. Enhanced security

The transmission of critical company information is secure when using point to point protocol since the communication channel cannot be accessed by other parties that are not specified in the network protocol.

It also enables high levels of encryption in the network for maximum data protection as well as having a backup in place for your information.

2. Fewer risks involved

The absence of wires in this form of communication makes it safer to use since accidents such as electricity fires are avoided. Other risks like vandalism, associated with physical connections, are reduced drastically.

Furthermore, no one needs a connection method where it could be set up one day and then the next you have to pay the costs of replacing damaged or stolen cables.

3. Reliability

In terms of reliability, point to point Internet service is a surefire way to transmit data owing to the fact that the communicating devices are at a line of sight. Therefore, the information sent is received directly on the other end. The devices on both ends also check whether the packets arrive as intended, otherwise, they are sent back for re-transmission.

Having a reliable connection method can save you a lot of trouble and money as an organization.

4. Appropriate in remote areas

In remote areas, users can be scattered over a large area. In these situations, connecting them physically becomes tedious and costly in terms of implementation and maintenance respectively. As an organization, you would want a communication strategy that works effectively in more remote areas while creating room for extension.

Imagine if your organization had offices in remote spaces. Point to point Internet service would be most appropriate to facilitate continuous communication between the offices.

5. Compatibility

Point to point Internet service is fully compatible with Wide Area Network, hence successful connections can be established from one communication device to the next within a large geographical area. It can also be used in conjunction with other physical mediums to enhance communication.

This makes it possible for your organization to establish connections between offices that span over larger areas without compromising quality and efficiency.

6. High data transmission speeds

As an organization, you can choose the bandwidth and speed to use that would be most suitable for your functions. If, for instance, your organization needs high speeds to send and receive data, then that can be guaranteed.

High transmission speeds become appropriate when you have to send large amounts of information. which will save you a considerable amount of valuable time.

7. Constant connections

The connection between the two end users is constant owing to the fact there is a line of sight between the communicating devices. This means that there is no need to establish connections every time data has to be transmitted.

The importance of constant connections in point to point internet service is seen during emergency situations or when data is needed urgently.

8. Excellent transmission of text and audiovisual content

Organizations that rely on wired communication, especially for the transmission of data in an audiovisual form, may experience major issues especially when the bandwidth is unreliable. This problem can be eradicated by implementing point to point wireless communication which, besides being fast in transmission speed, produces quality video and audio output.

This is very applicable when video and audio conferencing as well since the transmission is real time.

As the aforementioned reasons indicate, the importance of implementing point to point Internet service is indisputable. You should, therefore, consider having it implemented in your own organization. However, your organization’s needs should be the first priority in your service considerations to ensure you choose the best. With the right communication channel, you will have the privilege of enjoying all the benefits that accompany it.

2 Responses to “8 Reasons Point to Point Wireless Communication is the Right Choice”

  1. Duncan Lance

    There really are a ton of reasons to set up wireless communication for your business. As the article points out, one big benefits is the much faster transmission speeds. This allows you to get important data transported around your business much faster.

    • Jon Von Rentzell

      Mr. Lance,

      You are spot on with your comments. In the past decade, this technology has evolved to a point where customers can augment their in-ground fiber with wireless for reliable backup. Or, go wireless alone to connect smaller needs of their campus network (think small office in a building, video cameras, etc.)


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