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Wireless and mobile technologies have changed our lives in ways we are only beginning to understand.  They will continue to do so for the foreseeable future if the tech industry has anything to say about it. With advances like free space optical communication, connected cars, and smart homes already adding to the conveniences of everyday life and improving business operations, it’s hard to believe that things could get even better.  Yet, that’s exactly what the tech industry aims to accomplish.

What does the future hold where wireless technology is concerned? What new wonders await in the next five, ten, or twenty years? Here are a few things you can look forward to in the near future.

Increased Communication Speeds

There’s no shortage of ways to send information these days. Options range from satellite networks and free-space optics, to fiber optic cabling and full duplex communication. However, it seems that there’s always room for improvement. With new and improved 5G Wi-Fi and the promise of data transmission speeds up to 1GB per second, wireless customers can send and receive information faster than ever.

Free Battery Power

Running tons of apps on your phone day in and day out is bound to drain your cell phone’s battery. It’s no surprise that you have to carry around battery packs to recharge before you get home. You can already purchase solar batteries for cell phones, but soon you may be able to recharge your phone with nothing more than the excess heat your body creates, thanks to “energy-harvesting systems” under development at MIT.

Shield Technologies

With RFID shield sleeves, you can protect yourself from criminals that hack the magnetic strips in your credit cards. These sleeves work a lot better than the fallback method (wrapping them in aluminum foil).

With more and more wirelessly connected devices, it’s only natural that hackers would find ways to tap in and abuse the system.   However, what if the devices they’re hacking are pacemakers or other medical technologies that allow doctors to monitor their patients? What if hackers use them to monitor your health or even fiddle with devices?

This dangerous turn of events has led to the development of a wearable shield device that will thwart such attacks. Technology can provide many benefits, from sending information via point to point wireless to allowing users to deposit checks and make payments from mobile phones. However, it can also be used by unscrupulous parties to take advantage of others.  This is why security and protection are so important as we move into the future.

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