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Your network connection may be bringing you down. And if so, it may be time to cut the cords. 

If your business is expanding or you’ve added several computers, an upgrade to a point to point wireless network could be the right fix. 

Traditional network setups work through WiFi or direct cord connections, which is how computers share data.

However, point to point wireless networks, also known as P2P, provide a wireless option to transmit data across large areas. For example, if your business has multiple buildings, a P2P connection links the computers across your network in a securely and quickly.

If you’re still not sure if you should go wireless, here are a few reasons why point to point wireless could benefit your business networking needs. 

You Can Avoid Construction

Whether you’re upgrading your network or expanding your business, installing a hardwire connection means hiring a construction crew. 

The required wires need to be installed underground in order establish a connection. You’ll need to dig up areas such as streets, sidewalks or parking lots in order to get the wiring from point A to point B, which is not a cheap endeavor and can disrupt your business for days at a time.  

A P2P network works by line of sight or LOS. In this setup, links are connected by locations placed on top of buildings that can be seen in clear view. The links then connect via radio signals, which eliminates the need for wires. 

This prevents any costly construction, and because installation is easy, it will also save your business time.   

You Need a More Secure Network

Although WiFi connections are perfect for convenience, they don’t offer the security businesses need.

When you use a trusted point to point wireless network, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your network data is protected. 

In fact, many security and public safety projects, such as surveillance monitoring, opt for P2P because of the increased safety. 

This type of network offers a private connection with fast speeds, so you won’t have to worry about your information being leaked.  

The Telecommunication Industry Association oversees this industry and works to develop standards and guidelines to ensure the privacy of business networks. 

Your Business Has Multiple Buildings

If your business is spread out across several locations or buildings, choosing a point to point wireless network is a great way to stay connected. 

Whether your locations are separated by a few feet or across town, a P2P communication tower can be installed to keep your network connected. 

The towers are easy to build and go relatively unnoticed, and the quick connection will keep productivity on track. 

The Point to Point Wireless Advantage

When you choose a P2P network for your business, costs go down while security increases. 

P2P is the ideal way to link businesses who aren’t contained under one roof while providing superior speed. 

From analyzing what network system is the best option for you to providing support 24/7, BlueTec Systems will guide you through each step.

For more information on choosing the right P2P service for your business, contact us today. 

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